What are the changes in the new technology of precision sheet metal processing?

Due to the high flexibility of Laser Cutting and the increasingly mature 3D design technology, it can benefit from new designs and new processes, thereby reducing costs and shortening construction periods. What happened in the process of applying new technologies in precision sheet metal processing enterprises Variety?

1. In the traditional process, the workpiece is composed of several parts, and now the cutting and bending are completed to achieve the purpose of shortening the process flow, shortening the construction period and reducing the cost.

2. The traditional process is to configure a special welding fixture. At present, the parts between the woodworking tenons are used, which is accurate in positioning and saves time. The welding fixture is simple and the product deformation is small, so as to shorten the construction period, reduce the cost and improve the quality.

3. In the domestic box manufacturing industry, it is more and more common to perform multiple bending processes. sheet metal processing enterprises find that traditional steel bars are saved, the product quality is high, and the manufacturing cost is low. Spot welding needs to be matched in the actual production process.

What are the changes in new technology of precision sheet metal processing?  Precision processing Sheet Metal Laser Cutting and Welding 1

4. Using the characteristics of precision sewing and high precision of Laser Cutting, four pieces of works can be completed by one cutting and four bending. It breaks through the design ideas of traditional technology and achieves the purpose of shortening the construction period and reducing the cost.

5. Because of the use of tenon and mortise structure, sheet metal processing enterprises can complete the entire processing process during the bending and spot welding of the workpiece.

Laser cutting method: laser cutting technology is used to cut large sheet structures, but laser cutting programs need to be written, which can cut sheets of various complex shapes, with high cost and accuracy less than 0.1mm; cutting: double or several times the punch , punch out various shapes of materials, short time, high precision, low cost, high efficiency, suitable for mass production;

Feeding mechanism: mainly used for aluminum profiles, square tubes, round tubes, and round bars, with low cost and high precision; the bending method is to process the sheet into a solid shape, and under the pressure of the bending machine, the sheet will undergo elastic deformation and plastic deformation , At the beginning of plastic bending, the plate can be bent freely. When the pressure increases, a V-shaped bending is formed. The bending die can be divided into a curved knife and a straight knife.

Sheet metal processing is widely used in industrial production. Every process in Sheet metal processing is important. A problem in a certain link will affect the processing quality of the product. Therefore, every link of sheet metal processing must be perfected in order to produce qualified sheet metal. There are several processing methods for thin plates: cutting and blanking: thin plates with low cost and processing accuracy less than 0.2mm, but only strip or block parts without holes and corners can be processed.

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