What is metal film proofing?

In the etching process, we often hear the word "film", which is a very unfamiliar term to the layman. In fact, Metal etching film proofing is a process used to check the color difference between the print and the customer's sample. It can check the production quality of the previous process through this process, and the proofing proofs are the standard for color tracking of a large number of later prints.

What is metal film proofing?  Metal etching Sheet processing technology 1

As the most important link in the etching process, metal film proofing needs to be paid attention to?

1. The Metal etching film proofing needs to be able to simulate the printing process through the proofing machine, and the color value of the printed sample and the customer's sample reaches more than 90%, so that the metal etching film proofing is close to the sample.

2. The price of metal etched film proofing is relatively high, and the film that involves text, pictures, and color changes in the pre-proofing printed matter will be scrapped.

3. Due to the waste of resources caused by changing the scrap rate, it is necessary to print the digital draft before the metal etching film proofing and then proofing.

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