How to improve the level of sheet metal processing technology?

We are engaged in the sheet metal processing industry. If we want to get high wages in the industry, we must improve our Sheet metal processing technology if we want to live well. As long as you are skilled, you can get high wages wherever you go. Having said that, we must make efforts and practice, and constantly improve and improve.

How to improve the level of sheet metal processing technology?  Sheet technology Metal Fabrication 1

How to effectively improve the level of Sheet metal processing technology? In order to effectively improve the level of sheet metal processing, we can start from the following points:

The plasticity of Sheet metal processing allows rapid growth of Sheet metal processing. The advantage of sheet metal processing over other processing techniques is plasticity. There are three types of plastic forming in sheet metal processing: cold, warm and hot; there are three research trends in sheet metal processing plastic forming. Required:

1. Discuss various solutions related to mechanics in the plastic forming process of sheet metal processing to analyze the distribution rules of stress and strain in the deformed body, and determine the deformation force and deformation work, so as to reasonably select the tonnage of the equipment and the strength of the mold.

2. In the process of plastic forming of sheet metal processing, the strain of components and the standard change rules are selected, and the suitable blank and the reasonable shape of the center blank are selected so as to optimally reach the required shape of the component.

3. Study the influence of sheet metal processing conditions such as temperature and strain rate effect on the plastic working resistance of metal, and the method of improving metal resistance and reducing resistance, so as to obtain components with excellent performance. The plastic analysis methods of metal forming mainly include principal stress method, slip line method, upper limit method, finite element method, etc.; while the commonly used experimental methods are apparent plastic method and dense grating method.

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