The scope of use of sheet metal processing in various fields

2022-03-29 Company News

With the development of the sheet metal processing industry, the products produced are closely related to society and our lives, clothes, food and shelter. The plasticity of the sheet metal processing industry is high, and sheet metal is widely used due to its ease of forming, ease of welding and high strength. Where there is a metal plate, there is a shadow of Sheet metal processing, that is, the processing of the shell of various mechanical equipment. Today, I will explain to you the scope of application of Sheet metal processing in various fields.

1. The field of intelligent channel system. For example, cell lanes and subway lanes are opened and closed by smart cards to determine lanes. Now, it is widely used everywhere. The intelligent passage system door is a sheet metal processing product.

2. The field of electronic product manufacturing. The chassis and mechanical housings of many electronic products are also sheet metal products. Sheet metal fabrication and sheet metal cabinet fabrication are also two types of Sheet metal fabrication.

The scope of use sheet metal processing in various fields  Sheet application range applications development industry 1

3. Automobile manufacturing. Most car casings are made of sheet metal, one is cheaper than carbon fiber, another is easier to mold and weld, and the third is to ensure body strength. In the field of transportation, electric vehicle charging piles can also be obtained by sheet metal processing.

4. Medical field. Some medical devices need to be applied to sheet metal processing.

5. Self-service equipment. The appearance of self-service ticket machines, self-service vending machines and self-service coffee machines are mostly made of sheet metal. Sheet metal casing processing is also the main classification of sheet metal processing.

In fact, Huazhi Sheet Metal Processing Factory is mainly engaged in Precision sheet metal processing, sheet metal cabinet processing, sheet metal shell processing, sheet metal processing support, and customized samples.

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