Comparison of sheet metal laser cutting and water cutting

There are many different cutting techniques. To find the right one for you, you need to understand the characteristics of each cut. The following is the comparison between Huazhi sheet metal's Laser Cutting and other cutting.

Comparison of sheet metal laser cutting and water  Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Fabrication Huazhi Precision Processing Factory 1

1. Features of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is currently widely used in the metal processing industry, and laser cutting is fast and accurate. It has advantages in cutting medium and thin plates, aluminum plates, stainless steel and other metal plates.

2. Comparison of laser cutting and other cutting methods

Some metal parts can be punched and cut with high efficiency, high speed and low cost. But special dies and tools are required, and only thin sheets can be punched and cut. Compared with this cutting method, laser cutting is more flexible and can cut workpieces of any shape at any time without the need for molds. Stamping and shearing processes will be difficult or impossible to achieve. Flame cutting is also a common cutting process in the metal field. The cutting thickness range is large, but compared with laser cutting, the cutting surface quality and precision are poor, but it can be used for thick plates and the processing range is larger than laser cutting.

3. Comparison of laser cutting and plasma cutting

Plasma cutting has obvious thermal effect, low precision, and the cutting surface is not easy to be processed again, but it can cut thick plates. Laser cutting machine processing can only cut medium and thin plates. Laser cutting has smooth cutting surface and high precision. Generally no secondary processing is required, and the cutting speed is faster than plasma.

4. Comparison of laser cutting and wire cutting

For metal processing, wire cutting has high precision and can cut thick plates, but the speed is very slow. Sometimes it is necessary to punch holes and wire by other methods to cut, and the cutting size is greatly limited. Laser cutting can punch and cut materials, with fast cutting speed and a larger processing size range than wire cutting. The obvious advantage is that it is faster than wire cutting.

5. Comparison between laser cutting and water cutting

The investment in laser cutting equipment is relatively large. At present, it is mostly used for cutting medium and thin steel plates and some non-metallic materials, with fast cutting speed and high precision. In addition, laser cutting is not ideal for some materials, such as non-ferrous metals and alloys such as aluminum and copper, especially when cutting thick metal plates, the cutting surface is not ideal or even impossible to cut. At present, people's research on high-power laser generators is trying to solve the problem of cutting thick steel plates, but the cost of equipment investment, maintenance and operation consumption is also considerable. Water cutting has small investment, low operating cost, wide range of cutting materials, high efficiency, but busy speed, low precision, and convenient operation and maintenance. But laser cutting is faster and more accurate than water cutting.

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