Huazhi teaches you how to derust steel

Today, Huazhi Precision sheet metal processing manufacturers share with you how to remove rust from steel:

Huazhi teaches you how to derust steel  How Derust Steel metal surface treatment Anti-rust effect of 1

1. After the workpieces are separately processed and stacked in a regular manner, in order to facilitate drying. Please dry after the workpiece is rusted or dry naturally, do not wash with clean water. After the work is dry, paint or apply anti-rust oil as soon as possible. In order to achieve a better effect, depending on the situation, a series of high-quality rust inhibitors (oil-soluble, slightly soluble in water, dura mater, dehydration) can be selected.

2. The foam on the surface of the rust remover, and the sediment concentration should be cleaned, tested and analyzed in time after a period of time to make up for the new rust remover and the anti-rust guarantee effect (see the concentration control method).

 3. A passivation film will be attached to the surface of the treated work, with a thickness of about 1 micron, which may play a protective role in the inorganic and special steel reaction rust remover products.

4. Short-term harmless contact with the skin of this product. If it is touched for a long time, corresponding labor protection measures should be taken (wear glasses, rubber gloves, protective clothing, and rubber shoes), in order to ensure the safety of operators. If you accidentally spill liquid in your eyes, flush immediately with water or seek medical attention. Do not swallow rust remover.

5. In order to achieve a better rust removal effect, if they are treated with severe corrosion, the heavier rusted parts should be removed with a steel brush or other mechanical methods, and then a rust inhibitor should be used. If the oil on the surface of the material they are dealing with is very thick, it should be treated with a rust remover in addition to CNPC.

6. To store the rust inhibitor, please place it in a closed shadow and keep it out of the reach of children.

7. The validity period of the rust remover is two years.

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