What should I do if there is a vibration phenomenon?

2022-01-18 Company News

In terms of Precision sheet metal processing parts, Huazhi Precision Sheet Metal Processing Factory mainly introduces two related issues today, as follows:

Question 1: What are the machines and equipment used for sheet metal processing?

Question 2: What is the reason for the phenomenon of knife vibration in sheet metal processing parts?

Since the above questions have been raised, our Huazhi Precision Sheet Metal Processing Factory will answer these two questions specifically, so that everyone can understand them clearly and grasp them well.

What should I do if there is a vibration phenomenon?  Sheet metal processing knife Huazhi Precision Metal Processing Factory Solutions 1

Sheet metal processing parts use a lot of machinery and equipment, because of the many processes, mainly including lathes, milling machines, planers, drilling machines, boring machines, broaching machines, grinding machines, polishing machines, and these machines and equipment can be subdivided.

The process of Huazhi Precision sheet metal processing factory generally adopts CNC Punching machine, CNC Bending machine, Laser Cutting machine, etc. In addition, there are EDM equipment, sawing machines and laser marking machines. In addition, heat treatment equipment and electroplating equipment will also be used for pre-processing and post-processing of sheet metal parts.

The phenomenon of knife vibration occurs in Sheet metal processing parts. The main reasons are as follows:

Reason 1: The spindle bearing clearance is too large, or the workpiece surface is too rough.

Reason 2: The machine tool and the tool have resonance.

1. Inspection methods and requirements for appearance defects;

The product to be inspected is placed under the following conditions for inspection and judgment:

A. Visual distance: 25 cm away from the product.

B. Inspection angle: 45 degree visual inspection.

C. Check the light source: ordinary fluorescent lamp; when there is no sunlight in the room, the illuminance of 40W fluorescent lamp or 60W ordinary bulb is the standard.

D. Observation time: <10 seconds (3 seconds per visible plane).

E. Before inspecting semi-finished products and finished products, check the relevant inspection data.

2. Inspection method for appearance size and size matching;

Use ordinary length measuring instruments or various measuring tools to measure.

3. Classification of unqualified categories:

According to the specific actual requirements of customers in this industry, the categories of unqualified appearance of sheet metal products include: poor brightness, poor edge, deformation, stains, pitting, indentation, coarse sand, grinding, etc. Combined with the customer requirements of the above unqualified categories, sheet metal products can be divided into six grades and special grades to distinguish light and inferior grades.

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