Quality is the key to the development of sheet metal processing

If you want to process good and high-quality sheet metal parts, you must strictly control and understand customer needs. The sheet metal processing batch is small, and the newly developed products are easy to change. If the control is not good, it is easy to have quality problems.

Quality is the key to development of sheet metal processing  Good quality parts Sheet products keep improving reputation Huazhi factory 1

For good sheet metal processing, customer demand is very important, but more important is the quality of sheet metal parts. Therefore, it is very important to strictly control the quality. In the process of product production, it is very important to strictly supervise, formulate and strictly implement the supervision process. Huazhi Sheet metal processing factory has strong technical force, and the company's customers cover the whole country and are exported to foreign countries and all parts of China.  With such a huge customer base, the Sheet metal processing factory strictly controls the quality in details, keeps improving its products, and has won a very good reputation in the industry.

1. Understand the customer's requirements. When coming into contact with new varieties or new orders, you should have a certain understanding of the customer's sheet metal products, as well as the customer's requirements for the appearance, size and use of the sheet metal products.

2. After understanding the customer's requirements for sheet metal processing products, choose different processes according to the products of different customers, and explain the precautions in the process drawings: such as the surface of sheet metal parts should not be scratched, etc.

3. The engineering department gets the drawings to make process drawings. The drawings drawn by the craftsman must be checked by another craftsman. After the inspection is completed, it will be signed and confirmed and sent to the workshop.

4. CNC blanking, the first piece of CNC blanking should be fully inspected, and the blanked workpiece should be inspected, including size, unfolding, etc. When bending, the bending direction and bending size should be confirmed for the first piece. After confirmation, mass production should be started, and re-inspection should be performed when changing operators or changing molds.

5. For the finished product, the size of the welded or bent product shall be sampled according to the requirements of the drawings, and each size shall be confirmed during the sample inspection.

6. Surface treatment, conduct a full inspection of the appearance of the surface-treated sheet metal parts.

7. Sheet metal processing parts should do a good job in the inspection work, and the finished products should be submitted for inspection by the operator. Only after the inspection is qualified, the inspector can sign it before entering the warehouse.

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