Rigorous is the motto of Huazhi Sheet Metal Processing Factory

2022-01-13 Company News

Generally speaking, in addition to strict requirements in the production process, Huazhi Precision Sheet Metal Processing Factory also needs to pay attention to the protection during processing, and also requires quality inspection outside of production. It used to rely on people. Experience and simple tools for detection, now gradually imported auxiliary equipment.

Rigorous is the motto of Huazhi Sheet Metal Processing Factory  Precision Mechanical parts production management For sheet metal quality 1

In addition, it is more important to strictly control the size and appearance quality according to the drawings. It can be seen that it is not easy for the sheet metal industry to make good products, because there are many processes, and it can cover many There are few factories with processes. Most of the sheet metal processing factories only involve part of the production process, and only do welding, electroplating or coating processing factories.

In addition, some stamping factories will also undertake sheet metal processing services. Therefore, the above problems make it difficult to control the quality control between processes, which leads to the difficulty of balancing the overall quality. Huazhi Precision Sheet Metal Processing Factory uses a wide variety of process equipment and complex coordination relationships. , The optimized material selection and sophisticated manufacturing process of Sheet metal processing directly affect or indirectly affect the forming results of the processed parts.

How to use the shrinkage of materials to form various high-quality parts by cold stamping, including blanking and correction is the key to Sheet metal processing. Sheet metal processing technology cannot be ignored in the manufacturing industry, and it is very useful to master sheet metal technology. .

It is not only conducive to the production management of mechanical parts, but also an important guarantee for improving product quality and reducing costs. Huazhi Precision sheet metal processing factory provides a solid foundation for the development of new sheet metal. Sheet metal processing has the advantages of light weight, high strength, electrical conductivity, low cost, It has the characteristics of good mass production performance and other characteristics, and has been widely used in the fields of electronic appliances, communications, automobile industry, medical equipment and other fields.

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