Stainless steel decorative panels can still be used in this way

Because of its changeable shape and super plasticity, stainless steel decorative panels account for a relatively large use in the field of civil stainless steel panels, and they are also ideal for indoor and outdoor decorative effects. There are many types of decorative panels, mainly mirror stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, titanium stainless steel, embossed stainless steel, etc. Today we will study the application of stainless steel decorative panels in hotel kitchens.

Stainless steel decorative panels can still be used in this way  board sheet metal processing Huazhi OEM Industrial Products 1

01. Smoke exhaust system series

For example, luxury smoke hoods, water hoods, oil fume purifiers, fans and other equipment are more common. All panels are made of stainless steel decorative panels, and 201 stainless steel panels are mainly used for cheap and beautiful products.

02. Stove cooker series

For example, double-head single-end stove, double-head double-end stove, single-head single-end frying stove, double-head and single-head low soup stove, single door, double door and three door steaming cabinet, electric griddle, electric fryer and Teppanyaki equipment, etc. The panel brackets of this type of equipment are all made of stainless steel decorative panels, which are durable and easy to clean!

03. Cooking Machinery Series

Such as slicers, blenders, kneading machines, noodle presses, soy milk machines, coffee machines, ice machines and other products.

04. Refrigeration insulation series

For example, freezer, holding table, water boiler and other equipment.

05. Conditioning equipment series

For example, workbench racks, operating tables, rice noodle racks, 3-5 layer vegetable racks, noodle tables, sinks and other equipment, the panel supports are all made of stainless steel decorative plates and stainless steel decorative pipes.

Stainless steel decorative panels have penetrated into various products in hotel kitchens, and are widely used because of their low price, long-lasting durability, easy cleaning, beautiful appearance and many other advantages. In addition, stainless steel decorative panels can also be used for indoor wall decoration, top surface decoration, as a cabinet, and the decorative effects are also very beautiful.

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