Don't you know the "treasure" of the sheet metal processing industry ?

Laser Cutting is a technological revolution in sheet metal processing. Compared with other sheet metal blanking equipment, Laser Cutting has the following unique advantages:

Don't you know the

1. No contact processing, no cutting force, no tool wear, and no scratches on the surface of the workpiece;

2. The slit is narrow, the incision is smooth, beautiful, high-precision, no burrs, and generally does not require follow-up treatment;

3. Fast cutting speed;

4. It is not restricted by the cutting pattern, and can process any pattern. The sheet size and material are generally not restricted, and the cutting range is wide. It can be typeset automatically, and the board utilization rate is high;

5. The cutting material is not limited by hardness;

6. The utilization rate of laser energy is high, the cutting heat affected zone is small, the deformation of the plate is small, and there is no mechanical stress;

7. The system is highly integrated, highly automated, easy to operate and use, and can be connected to the factory management system;

8. Strong adaptability, can be easily combined with robots and three-dimensional five-axis machine tools to achieve flexible processing;

9. There is no need to open the mold, and the new product development cycle is short;

10. The overall operating cost is low, especially the operating cost of the fiber laser cutting machine is lower.

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