How to measure the strength of sheet metal processing suppliers ?

sheet metal processing is processed by various processes through machines. Therefore, an important factor in measuring the strength of a sheet metal processing supplier is to look at the number of production equipment and the size of the company. Of course, Sheet metal processing technology also has a great impact. The same piece of sheet metal can be completed in many ways, and the correct processing method can make the processing schedule twice the result with half the effort.

Mechanical parts are relatively strict in the process of installation and use. If the processed sheet metal parts have errors or deformations, there will be problems with installation failure, and poor quality will lead to a long service life. Precision machinery parts are processed and produced by manufacturers with precision equipment, which can achieve the effect of reducing tolerances and high accuracy. Chong Hing Precision sheet metal processing factory has advanced German TRUMPF equipment and a professional team of engineers to ensure that the processed products have high satisfaction and small tolerances.

How to measure the strength of sheet metal processing suppliers ?  CNC Bending Punching 1

1. Laser Cutting Sheet metal processing series: processing sheet metal according to customer drawings.

2. Mechanical shell Sheet metal processing series: auto body, auto parts and accessories, packaging, printing, ceramics, injection molding, elevators and other large and small mechanical sheet metal structures.

3. Sheet metal processing series of electric cabinet chassis: network communication cabinet, power distribution cabinet, switch cabinet, transfer box, control box, etc.

4. Medical equipment sheet metal processing series: operating room wall panels, equipment cabinets, laboratory tables, operating tables, medical beds, medical purification equipment, etc.

5. Decorative engineering sheet metal processing series: indoor and outdoor rolling advertising light boxes, LED electronic displays, aluminum ceilings, aluminum curtain walls, aluminum profiles, etc.

6. Stainless steel sheet metal processing series: stainless steel bathroom cabinets, Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Parts, stainless steel shells, stainless steel tables and chairs, etc.

7. Sheet metal processing series for public utilities: bus shelters, ATM teller machine shells, environmental protection boxes, water purification equipment, desks, file cabinets, teaching desks, etc.

The sheet metal processing production process refers to the entire process of making products from raw materials (or semi-finished products). For machine production, it includes the transportation and storage of raw materials, production preparation, blank manufacturing, Parts processing and heat treatment, product assembly, and debugging, painting and packaging. The content of the production process is very extensive. Modern enterprises use the principles and methods of system engineering to organize and guide production, and regard the production process as a production system with inputs and outputs. It can make the management of the enterprise scientific, and make the enterprise more adaptable and competitive.

In the process of sheet metal processing, the sheet metal processing factory directly changes the shape, size and performance of the raw material (or blank) to turn it into a finished product, which is called the process. It is the main part of the production process. For example, casting, forging and welding of blanks; heat treatment to change material properties; machining of parts, etc., are all technological processes. The technological process is composed of one or several sequential procedures. In order to process qualified parts, the thickness of the layer of metal that must be cut from the blank is called the machining allowance.

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