Four processing methods of old and new sheet metal

More and more products in life now use sheet metal materials, especially the items in the cabinet are sheet metal products. With the upgrading of sheet metal technology, the industry is gradually heating up, but there are still many people who don't know much about sheet metal processing methods. Today, I will introduce to you the four major processing methods of the old and new versions of sheet metal.

1. Old sheet metal processing method

The four most important steps of old Sheet metal processing are shearing, punching/cutting, folding, and welding.

1. Shearing: refers to the shearing machine to cut the steel plate and cut the material into a square shape.

2. Punching/cutting: Punching refers to punching with a punch, and cutting refers to cutting corners of the punch die.

3. Bending: The bending machine is bent into the required shape.

4. Welding: The sheet metal parts form a finished product and need to be welded by electric welding.

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2. New Sheet metal processing methods

The main procedures of the new four major sheet metal processing are: shock, punching, folding, and welding, mainly the changes in the equipment for cutting sheet metal.

1. Laser: Laser Cutting is the main equipment for blanking in sheet metal processing. It has fast processing speed, high precision, short cycle (no need to open molds), and can process various shapes. It is the main processing method for sheet metal processing.

2. Punching: The parts processed by sheet metal can't only be in the shape of a flat plate. You need to punch a convex hull, shoot a sprout, punch blinds (a kind of ventilation hole), bridges, buckles, etc. All need to be processed. As the mechanical equipment tends to be numerically controlled and automated, numerically controlled punching machines are now used, which can install dozens of molds, program them according to requirements, are highly efficient, and can also assist the Laser Cutting machine to cut materials.

3. Folding: Compared with the old process—folding, just add CNC Bending machine, bending center (manipulator assisted bending), CNC folding machine and other equipment.

4. Welding: Compared with the old process-welding, only argon arc welding, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, welding robots and other equipment for thin plate welding are added.

The above is the old and new version of sheet metal processing methods introduced for everyone. The new version of sheet metal processing has obviously made greater technological breakthroughs in technology. In addition, there are also technical precautions for sheet metal processing, and everyone should pay attention to it. In the process of processing, technical craftsmanship is also required.

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