Talking about the influence of sheet metal processing technology on appearance design?

Due to the special material properties of sheet metal processing itself, for sheet metal equipment, its appearance design is more affected by factors such as material performance, processing technology, manufacturing cost, etc. This is also the need for designers in the process of sheet metal equipment appearance design Comprehensive consideration. The following is a brief overview of the influence of sheet metal technology on sheet metal design.

Talking about the influence of sheet metal processing technology on appearance design?  design Huazhi OEM Industrial Products 1

sheet metal design is inseparable from sheet metal technology, and Sheet metal processing technology affects the design of sheet metal products. sheet metal processing includes two parts: mechanical processing and surface treatment. The salient feature of sheet metal is that the same part has the same thickness. According to the definition, sheet metal refers to a cold working process of sheet metal, including shearing, punching/cutting/compounding, folding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as car body), etc. There are two main ways of surface treatment of sheet metal: plastic Spraying (powder Spraying) and oil spraying. Large parts are generally sprayed with plastic, and small parts can be sprayed with oil. This is determined by the characteristics of the process. The processing of sheet metal shells comes from processes such as Laser Cutting, bending, welding, grinding, polishing, assembly, spraying, etc. The processing accuracy and welding problems have affected the aesthetics of the product to a certain extent.

Modeling constraints caused by the processing characteristics of sheet metal materials. Most sheet metal materials are plate-shaped, which gives designers less design freedom compared with plastic materials. So in its design, it is impossible to be like plastic molding, and it can do almost anything you can think of. Because the sheet metal process is limited by the bending angle and assembly tolerances, under the premise of ensuring mass production, its modeling becomes more concise and intuitive, and it is difficult to realize the special-shaped curved shell. The curved surface is mostly expressed by flat cut, unidirectional curved surface, etc. , So as to be neat and beautiful.

Manufacturing cost is another important factor that affects Sheet metal design. First of all, industrial design is technology and application, so that Party A’s products can make money, so cost control is another key to landing. However, the general modeling of Sheet metal processing is that the initial investment is relatively small, but the processing cost of a single piece is relatively high, so the designer needs to strictly control the manufacturing cost of the product when designing. A good industrial design of sheet metal equipment should withstand the criticism and scrutiny of the Sheet metal processing plant from color matching to structure.

In short, in the design process of sheet metal equipment, designers not only need to have good ideas, but also need to combine more processing techniques and strictly control costs, so as to ensure the realization of product performance and design beautiful products that are in line with actual production.

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