What are the advantages of intelligent processing of precision sheet metal?

In the past Precision sheet metal processing process, sheet metal processing personnel occupies an important position. For example, in a drawing review, the processor should ensure that it understands everything in the drawing before subsequent processing. Obviously, the old processing technology cannot meet the current needs, and innovation is needed to realize the mechanization and automation of processing.

What are the advantages of intelligent processing precision sheet metal?  Huazhi OEM Industrial Products 1

Intelligent manufacturing equipment is a general term for manufacturing equipment with perception, analysis, reasoning, decision-making and control functions. It is the integration and fusion of manufacturing technology, information technology, computer technology and intelligent technology in equipment products, and reflects the development requirements of intelligent, digital, and networked manufacturing.

Establishing a flexible production line based on intelligent technology is the development trend of sheet metal processing and production. At present, due to the relatively small scale of ordinary Sheet metal processing enterprises, most of the products are multi-variety and small batches, and the demand for flexible production lines is not urgent. With the advancement and maturity of technology, intelligent and flexible production lines are bound to usher in a period of rapid development.

The application of automation technology in the Sheet metal processing industry can not only improve processing efficiency, reduce errors, and realize true assembly line production, but also greatly reduce the pressure on processing personnel and improve the overall quality of sheet metal processing. It can be said that the realization of mechanization and automation of sheet metal processing is the need of our Huazhi Technology Company's industrial development, and it is also an important indicator of industrial development, which further illustrates the arrival of the era of industrial mechanization and automation. Sheet metal processing accelerates mechanized and automated production. The application of mechanized automation technology in sheet metal processing plants is aimed at improving processing efficiency, reducing errors in Precision sheet metal processing, realizing true assembly line production, greatly reducing the pressure on processing personnel, and improving the overall quality of sheet metal processing.

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