Huazhi new workshop was put into production

2021-08-07 Company News

After intensive preparations in the early stage, the Huazhi dedicated line workshop has been put into production, including laser equipment, bending and welding equipment, etc. have been put into normal production. The back-end production line of the workshop will continue to add assembly lines, with the ability to assemble electronic wiring and electrical parts, and provide customers with overall supporting services. I believe that with the joint efforts of Huazhi employees, we will improve day by day, and our products will get better and better.

Huazhi new workshop was put into production  OEM Industrial Products 1

The company has imported Laser Cutting machines, CNC Punching machines, bending, welding, Spraying, electronic assembly and other automatic production lines. Professional custom stainless steel display cabinets, electrical cabinets, environmental protection equipment, robotic control cabinets, CNC equipment and other sheet metal cabinets, while providing overall solutions for non-standard sheet metal processing. With open cooperation, sharing and win-win development thinking, to become a pioneer in the sheet metal industry and a well-known company that allows employees to achieve both material and spiritual harvests.

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