What are the common polishing methods for metal surface treatment

metal surface treatment is an indispensable step in sheet metal processing, not only looks more beautiful, but more importantly, increases the corrosion resistance of the metal. metal surface treatment is mainly divided into two steps: surface polishing and surface coloring, and surface polishing is the first step.

What are the common polishing methods for metal surface treatment  Welding Polishing Sheet Metal Fabrication 1

According to different materials and different uses of metal parts, the degree of polishing required on the surface is different, so the polishing process and equipment for surface treatment of sheet metal parts are different. At present, the most commonly used metal surface polishing methods are mainly manual polishing, mechanical polishing, vibration polishing, drum polishing and electrochemical polishing.

Manual polishing is the most traditional polishing process, but due to efficiency issues, new polishing machines will accelerate the replacement of manual work in metal surface treatment. Also due to higher requirements for polishing, new polishing processes and polishing machinery are constantly being introduced to the market. Plasma plasma polishing is a new type of metal surface treatment process, which has the advantages of simple process, short time-consuming, and no waste liquid discharge. It is an effective way for modern enterprises to simplify production processes, increase production capacity, and solve pollution problems. The most important thing is to reduce their production costs.

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