What to pay attention to during the daily use of the bending machine

In the modern sheet metal processing industry, as an important equipment for bending forming, bending machines can bend various steel plates into various shapes according to processing requirements. But when you use the machine for the first time and even some veterans, you may encounter various challenges to the bending machine itself in your daily work. For example, you may forget to make sure the punch and mold are centered. In any case, you need to check the tool and get help to correct any misalignment. Ensuring correct alignment will save a lot of frustrating production time.

What to pay attention during the daily use of bending machine  CNC Bending sheet metal processing 1

Secondly, make sure that your backgauge stops are parallel, and the flanges are the same size, and there is no taper. Again, make sure that your angle is correct and there is no taper.

Moreover, the regular maintenance of the press brake should keep up. If you are using a hydraulic press brake, you must drain the trap pipe at the beginning and end of the shift, keep the hydraulic brake well lubricated and wipe clean, Pay attention to inspection during the day when necessary.

Finally, if you are operating a hydraulic press brake for the first time that day, please start the machine first, circulate it for a few minutes, preheat the machine and allow the hydraulic oil to flow. Then in the processing process, the bending machine will be more stable and efficient.

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