How do we deburr in sheet metal processing?

sheet metal processing is a progressive process. The products that need to be produced are of high quality, and the details of each step must be mastered. For example, sheet metal parts cannot be assembled immediately after Laser Cutting, because the cutting process will Burrs need to be removed first. Even with flame or plasma cutting processes, it is easy to leave coarse burrs and slag on the surface of sheet metal processing.

How do we deburr in sheet metal processing?  Sheet Metal Fabrication Huazhi OEM Industrial Products Welding Polishing 1

How to deburr sheet metal better?

Burrs not only affect the appearance of the product, but also have safety issues. The sharp-edged burrs can easily scratch the operator, and will also cause wear and tear on bending machines, punching machines, etc. that come in contact with the sheet metal, and affect the service life.

Therefore, after cutting, you should use polishing equipment or a dedicated deburring machine to process the cutting surface and edges. In addition to deburring, some equipment can also round corners and surface finish processing to facilitate the next step.

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