Welding Polishing

2021-11-21 Production Capacity

Welding is a machining or sculptural process in which materials(usually metal or thermoplastic)are joined together, as opposed to low-temperature metal joining techniques such as brazing and welding, which do not melt base metals.In addition to melting base metals, filler materials are usually added to the joints to form a weld pool(pool),which cools the pool to form a joint based on a welded structure (butt joint, full depth, rounded corners, etc.)that is stronger than the base metal (base metal).Pressure can also be used in conjunction with heat or alone to produce a weld.

Moreajor characteristic

High welding productivity;Good welding quality;Low welding cost;Good working conditions;Difficult space welding;High quality requirements for welding components;Not suitable for welding sheet metal(arc stability is poor when welding current is less than 100 A)and short welds.


* Iron, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic sheet, aluminum, etc.

* Thickness: 0.2-30.0mm.

Production equipment

Our company's existing 3 welding assembly lines. Including the ARC welding, carbon dioxide,deep throat clamp welding and laser welding sheet metal processing. Match the processing demand of different welding materials, with the advantage of high efficiency and strong finishing and reliable.

Welding Production Line

Quantity:3 pc

· Arc welding, carbon dioxide and laser welding,Robot welding

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