What are the common sheet metal processing parts in life?

2022-09-21 Company News

With the rapid development of Sheet metal processing technology, the processing technology is also changing with each passing day, bringing many new ideas to sheet metal processing and adding more luster to life.

What are the common sheet metal processing parts in life?  Sheet life Non-standard custom 1

sheet metal processing is the main component of metal processing in industrial production activities, and it is also an important process for forming sheet metal products. Its application fields are very wide, such as the metal casings of various household appliances, equipment, and instruments, billboards on the road, trash cans, and the charging piles we often use, washing machines, computer cases, lithium battery casings, etc. are all made of sheet metal. Processed finished product. The Sheet metal processing industry has always been closely related to our lives and appears in almost all walks of life.

Therefore, the scope of Sheet metal processing is very wide. Sheet Metal Processing Factory mainly produces sheet metal parts including: non-standard customized precision CNC sheet metal processing; charging pile box, commercial air conditioner, air energy heat pump sheet metal manufacturing of parts; sheet metal processing and Spraying for home decoration and display racks; sheet metal processing and Spraying for Electrical control cabinets, control boxes, and electrical boxes; processing and spraying of sheet metal shells for various electrical appliances and mechanical equipment; Design and manufacture of various non-standard sheet metal shells.

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