CNC Punching

2021-11-24 Production Capacity

CNC punch machines not only provide unimaginable speed and accuracy, but also increase the ability of simple programming, crimping, deburring, and tapping.Create more parts in less time than traditional manufacturing or processing.For larger parts, nc stamping provides a minimum cycle time per piece.Increase our output to meet the needs of our customers.We invest in the latest equipment to ensure that we provide our customers with the best quality products at the lowest cost.

Huazhi oem CNC Punching

Progressive punching is a metalworking method that can involve stamping, manufacturing, bending and several other methods to modify the metal to produce the desired shape of the end part.Most of the materials are used, so less waste is produced.Progressive die metal stamping may provide the most cost-effective material choice to manufacture your parts.

Production equipment

Amada CNC puching machine from Japan,with curling, deburring, tapping and punching processing capabilities.

CNC Punching Machine

Quantity:1 pc

CNC Punching,Huazhi OEM Industrial Products,Sheet Metal Fabrication

· Pressure 20 tons

· Processing accuracy 0.1mm

· Processing speed 800 times/min(Calculated on 1mm thickness)

Punching Machine

Quantity:4 pc

· Pressure 20 ~100tons

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